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My name is Melissa Krochak…

After learning to follow the signs the universe embeds on my path, and to take a closer look at the deeper meanings in life, I realize that through many breakdowns, how they really are leading us to breakthroughs if we can take time to look and hop over those obstacles.

The ONLY person who can help you reach your goals, IS YOU!

After many experiences throughout my life, there is so much I desire to share with you about your health, your fitness, the pain and pleasure of your body, how to let go of tension and stress and just live the LIFE that YOU desire!!

For the past 8 years I have been working as a Registered Massage Therapist, a dream I have had since I was 6, when I first learned it existed!  I also studied personal training and fitness consulting. …After 5 years of practicing massage therapy it was time for an addition to my career.In March 2012, I traveled to Rishikesh, India to take my 200 hourYoga Instructor course. In the last 3 years I have studied & practiced Bodytalk and now become a Certified Bodytalk Practitioner.

Clients have had amazing results with their Bodytalk treatments.It is amazing to see people learning more about their bodies and minds, and allowing themselves to wake up to the universe and the signs from our bodies and the world around us. Our body is the most important thing we have… if we do not maintain and take care of it, we will go down hill fast.

Bodytalk… I find is something that allows the things that once stress us out or bothered us… just allows them to dissolve away.  I am also excited to share, I have taken up Access Consciousness – Access Bars is a treatment that helps to undo tension with the electromagnetic energy in the brain and body.  By decharging the brain and body, it promotes efficiency throughout the body, decreasing stress and resistance and allowing us to be more open to receiving the amazing things life brings us.

I also educate clients on the benefits & uses of the Young Living Essential Oils!! I incorporate these into my daily routine and can show you many ways to use them and get the most benefits out of the plants in our world!  These oils are for  medicinal use and can provide relief and healing for all types of conditions, healing remedies, and improving emotional and mental balance.

Isagenix is also a company that I absolutely LOVE and am so grateful for because I see it changing SO many lives!! It has changed mine I know that!

Since I started on the products, I have never felt stronger, more focused and more energetic in my life!Family and friends are using it, my massage clients… and the results are outstanding! I am astonished at what I get to hear from clients and better yet see!

What areas in YOUR life are your finding need the most FOCUS?

*Healing Mentally, Physically & Emotionally

*Eliminating Stress, Anxiety & Depression

*Finding Direction & Motivation Again

*Weight Loss & Nutrition/ Diet Guidance

*Fitness & Energy

*Relationships, Fun & Balance

*Setting Goals & Taking Action

*Sticking to a Plan

Working With Mel, you will learn:

*How to eliminate pain and stress in your body

*Ways to manage your emotions easier

*How to have more energy

*Meditation and breathing techniques to decrease anxiety

* Techniques to boost your mental clarity

*Yoga & gentle stretching

*New found diet & nutrition secrets

*Exercise tips

*RECEIVE Special Rates on Healing & Wellness Retreats in DESTINATION locations!

* + Much MORE!

What haven’t you even considered trying today, that could absolutely change your life??

By learning to decrease stress in your body and pay attention to your thoughts & feelings, you will be able to switch to the positive side… & stay there ALL THE TIME!  Increase your emotional thermostat and learn to keep yourself feeding off your results and keep gaining more and more motivation!  This can only happen through taking action and doing whatever it takes in every area of your life!

If you are ready to focus on breathing FIRE back into your LIFE & healing to become the BEST you can be… get in touch with me today!


You can get in touch with me and learn more about ways your body can heal itself, how you can live a lifestyle of ease, health and longevity!

What are the possibilities you haven’t even considered for your health?

What are the possibilities you haven’t even considered to earn an endless amount of health, happiness, love, cash, and have it all flowing abundantly into your life?


 If you are serious about working together to transform your life, please fill out the contact form below so we can get to know each other! Talk soon!



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