"“Yoga has changed the way I think about my body mind and spirit. It has proven to be a great stress reliever for me not just physically but also mentally. I get great physical benefits including strength and flexibility and also a great mental break from the daily grind. I feel so relaxed and refreshed afterwards! Melissa is a great teacher as she encourages you to work at your own pace and not to compare yourself to anyone else. She explains how everyone’s body is unique and moves in different ways-making you feel at ease in the class. It’s important to keep at it little by little you will get to the place you want to be! I highly recommend yoga with Melissa, she is a wonderful instructor!!!!"

− Alanna Warwarwuk

"“I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated after! I slept like a baby that night!! Melissa is so in tune with her mind and body and It’s truly amazing to learn from someone that lives to share her passion”"

− Jena Kitzul

"“It’s amazing. I took my blood pressure and it was 134/74 then I did the breathing exercise video and took my blood pressure again and it was 114/69. Amazing to see the physical changes.”"

− Sandra Koch

"“I started working with Melissa about 7 years ago. I had chronic back pain due to lower back injuries earlier in my career and experienced a lot of muscle tension at the time due to stressful work environment. Massage definitely helped. Melissa is a wonderful and knowledgeable therapist. Her treatments were never boring, she always incorporated different techniques during each session. Melissa’s clients were always her priority and reason to strive to improve the services she provided. Through the years her practice grew to include Bodytalk and other modalities. I especially enjoyed her yoga classes this past year. She always encouraged preventative medicine and inspired us to take better care of ourselves. Melissa will be missed in Brandon, MB., the community is losing a gifted healer. Keep on growing!”"

− Kelly Peloquin

"“I am thankful for Melissa Krochak my Body Talk girl she has made a big difference in mine and Nicks life all I can say is wow. Melissa you have changed my life around for the better so much after my first session. I want to say I love you, you are such a blessing in my life. You should truly know that I am really grateful for you and what you do and all those that you do work for.” "

− Donna Medvid

"“This was the best massage I have ever had.” "

− Melody Arnette

"“What I love about meditation-shuts my mind off so I can actually relax. I liked learning the breathing- I learned to tune into my body to relieve stress & aches. What I like about Melissa’s yoga-its balanced and keeps me flexible and it’s good exercise. Just makes me feel good. I went to my chiropractor after not going for a year. She couldn’t believe I hadn’t been for a year to any chiropractor and just said “keep doing whatever you’re doing”. Told her yoga!! Obviously it’s working she said as she has never had it this easy adjusting me!"

− Agnes Viczko

"“I Really love the yoga classes”"

− Susan Huston Lefevbre

"“Thank you again Melissa for the amazing morning yoga class. I felt great for days after, still haven’t had a cigarette. I feel flexible, healthy and clean, my mind chatter has calmed down.”"

− Adam Lyttle

"“Wow just finished a 2 hour massage with Melissa Krochak nothing like starting the weekend off right and the thunder and the rain in the background. It was mind boggling as I was barely able to drive home this chick is the best in town!!!”"

− Brent Spelay

"“I started yoga with Melissa in the summer. I had never done yoga and was having trouble sleeping, had sore muscles, aches and pains, a racing mind, and digestive problems. Through the continuous classes I attended with Melissa she taught me how to calm my mind and how to relax. Melissa is so much more then just a yoga teacher, she teaches a higher level of thinking that allows you to clear your mind of the superficial/materialistic lifestyle and connect with yourself and others in a spiritual way. After just a few short weeks of beginning classes with Melissa my digestive problems began subsiding, I was able to slow my thoughts and learn to channel the energy into the aches and pains. Melissa helped me to learn there is a higher level of being and that your thoughts and energy can have such huge affect on your mind, body and spirit!!”"

− Kaylee Duncan

"“Really enjoyed meeting Melissa and had a great massage”"

− Shawna Peteres

"“Unwind Massage Therapy & Yoga Studio is a great place, clean, warm, comfy and a great owner that knows her stuff”!!!"

− Rob Elliot

"“I am really enjoying the yoga videos and daily journal questions. Melissa is very clear with instructions and I find the length of the lessons perfect. If I run short on time, I do my favorites and what I can with the time I have.”"

− Randy Kuz