How Can You Use Gratitude to Create the Most Wonderful December?

Most people may be thankful, say their prayers and count their blessings.

Living with an attitude of gratitude can really help shift your perspective if you are feeling stressed and stuck.Scientists actually discovered that the brain activity, with positive, grateful thoughts, changes the energy of tee heart and stimulates the immune system. Keeping you healthy!!

Most people don’t realize that your thoughts, really do create your reality…yes, what you are living right this moment, is a reflection of your past thoughts!

The word “abracadabera” means ” I create as I speak”… we really are our own wizards!

Grab your wand and create …

You can create and be grateful for things you don’t even have yet.

You can visualize what you would love and enjoy, by feeling the gratification for your dreams, you can bring them closer to you with this exercise. By feeling like you have already received what you are desiring… you can start to bring it closer to you!

How can you gift to others, yourself and those in need this holiday season?!

How can you be more grateful and giving this holiday season?

What emotions are you most likely to bottle up, do you not give to people, that if you did open up could create tremendous space for peace, fun and laughter?


Do you know how to magnify your desires to work with the law of attraction?

1. Make a list of 10 things you are grateful for a day and list 3 reasons why.
2. Write down your top 10 desires you wish to bring into your life.
3. Sprinkle magic dust on everyone you see, places, peoples, things!

Watch everything in your life bloom!

Christmas Blessings


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