Changing Your Perspective Can Help You Lose Weight

 Why is it hard to lose weight?


12 Things You Probably DON’T Know:

This may blow your mind!


1. People tend to think fat is the enemy in the body, when it is really carbon dioxide over- pressurization.

2. Weight gain is cause by too much pressure in the body

3. A typical fat cell can increase in size up to 1000 times with carbon dioxide gas

4. The human body is made of 4 gases- hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide

5. Proteins are basically made up of all 4 gases & fats are made of all 3 minus nitrogen

6. If you pay attention to the chemistry in your body, the proper nutrients you put in it will adjust the body’s chemistry with the chemicals

7. The “paunch” is caused by carbon dioxide as in pressurized drinks

8. Over- pressurization is usually accompanied by a lethargic liver and slow gastrointestinal tract

9. A carbonated beer is a double whammy of both alcohol and carbon dioxide = INTERNAL ACID RAIN!!

10. Sugar is a major enemy in weight gain because our intestinal bacteria will metabolize sugar and release carbon dioxide gas as a by-product

11. Carbon dioxide has hardening effects on the fat cells- this is one of the reasons why fat cells solidify in the human body. These hardening effects of the carbon dioxide retained in your body, makes it difficult or even impossible for you body to maintain a balanced PH.

WHICH >>>> makes in more difficult to LOSE WEIGHT!!! Therefore, many “die-its” are not effective because certain foods may be eliminated, so the body is not absorbing the nutrients vital to increase the flow of OXYGEN to support the release of CO2.12046657_10156008693625456_8234639529615816359_n

12. EMOTIONS are also internalized pressure, if you don’t release this pressure, injuries may occur. The ONLY way to release this pressure is by depressurizing the body through screaming, shouting, laughing, crying, yawning, farting, sneezing, coughing, hiccups, burping, sniffing, drooling, orgasms (who doesnt want more of those lol) .. who knows what else we do to release this pressure lol!

SO… with that being said…. feel your feelings, your emotional body defines your physical body, this all creates and changes the chemistry in your body!!

It’s all about educating yourself on how your body works, I AM HERE to help you do that, so that you know what the benefits are with what you are putting into your body, and how it is changing and cleansing your organs, endocrines and emotions!

Once you make a decision, you are half way there… your body knows what you say about it… as it’s with you all the time!

Change your perspective, change your life!!- Deidre Hughey

>>> October Nutrition Cleanse Challenge starting October 5th!!!


After learning about carbon dioxide pressurization in the body— I now understand even more, how important clean nutrition is– as I was able to WATCH my fat cells decrease in size.

It’s kinda like f&%ing Magic & Science together

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