Welcome to a place where all aspects of your health, wellness and lifestyle are combined into one!  

Your fitness plan will be created around you to help serve you on all levels, physical, mental and emotional!

Are you ready to get fit and feel great?

How do you know if personal training right for you?

  • It’s your first time starting a workout plan
  • You are looking for guidance to ensure your progress & development
  • If you are looking for someone to keep you motivated and help you reach your goals
  • If you are wanting to lose weight, develop a healthy lifestyle or get in the best shape
  • If you are looking for strength training for certain postural conditions or health ailments

What are the benefits of working out with a personal trainer?

  • You will be learning how to exercise properly for your specific goals
  • You will develop confidence and have an accountability partner to keep you on track
  • You will find your mood & energy improves, you will feel better during your day to day activities and will decrease stress in your life
  • Your body alignment and posture will improve

What to expect on your first visit.

When you first come for your fitness consultation and health assessment, Melissa will go through some health history forms with you, questions regarding your health and goals.
She will do a basic postural assessment to gather information about your range of motion and posture. As well as a dynamic assessment to test your strength and endurance. These exams are very short and just used to determine which level of fitness you will start your workout.
Melissa wants to make sure you feel at home and comfortable during your workouts, especially if you have never worked out in a gym before and are beginning your health & fitness journey.
If you are familiar with the gym and have worked out before, your fitness plan will be adjusted to suit your fitness level!
Looking forward to meeting you!

Check out options for your Fitness & Nutrition Plans!

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Fitness is AWESOME!


You will feel Great!


Your are boosting your energy!


Weight Loss!


You feel Happier!


Your life span increases!


You will look sexy!


You will be confident & strong!

Plans & Prices


$ $50.00

Per Session8 Sessions- $400

15 Sessions- $750

20 Sessions- $1000

25 Sessions-$1250

MembersBest Value

$ 40

Per Session8 Sessions- $320

15 Sessions- $600

20 Sessions- $800

25 Sessions- $1000

Fitness Plans

$ 65

for Your Initial Plan

Bonus: Your start up consultation is FREE!


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