The Moon’s Presence

The moon, also known as the goddess Luna, her name is derived from the Latin word ‘lucere’ meaning to shine, or Selene the Greek counterpart. The moon is said the represent many different things in aspect of nature and the cycles of life.  It cycles around the Earth quicker than the other planets. As humans we function through patterns and cycles. Our habits, physiological cycles, instincts, our active memories, all of these are constantly running in our subconscious.

The moon represents:

– fertility – farmers who are aware of the cycles of the moon plant their crops during certain phases of the moon

– emotions & moods

-romance &maternal love

-our protective instincts

-security – emotional etc.

-psychic ability & imagination

It could also represent if the feminine energy is off balance:


-neediness for affection

– interference with the energy of the Sun, which helps ego formation

lunarcycle      How to Balance Your Moon Energy:

You can use mantras – below are two mantras to balance your lunar energy



Essential Oils:

Fragrances of white flowers like jasmine, gardenia, lotus, and lily are good, as is             sandalwood oil.  These can be applied to the heart or to the third eye.


To develop more peace, faith, receptivity, openness, and surrender to the Divine or

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