Why Does Our Body Wake us Up at Odd Hours?


Or why do we feel ill at certain times of the day?

Well, this is just so awesome!!

This is only one portion of how in depth a Bodytalk- intuitive healing session can go!

Know your body…

It does talk to you and when you ignore it is when Aches and pains start to creep in. If we keep ignoring them dis-ease or other health conditions can start to occur. These happen because of imbalances in our body-mind. Communication needs to be reestablished, and the beauty of it all…


…Is that everything… Every organ every endocrine and every energy or body part knows exactly what is going on in every other part at all times. So if there is a blockage…

Well what do u do when there is a road block?10307379_10155315815090456_646443648689988049_n

Take the next available route… Our bodies work the same whether you believe it or not! This will compromise the entire body, even if it is just a few small areas. The impact in the long run, especially if left unattended for a long period of time can cause obstruction and blockages throughout the body.

Our mental knots are reflect in the physical body by knots and tension in our muscles or organs.

This chart can explain some of the reasons our body can be off balance, where it can become compromised and the root source of different mental and physical connections!

It is a KEY part of your day to keep your body hydrated, moving and breathing calmly and executing awareness as you create each day with magic and care!!

All of life comes to you with ease, joy and glory — learn to listen to what your body says!!










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