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Questions and answers:

Who are these retreats for?

These retreats are for men and women looking to live a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle!!  If you are feeling up an down in life with your emotions, your fitness routine, your diet & nutrition intake… if you find yourself motivated for a period of time… and then feeling down; these retreats are designed to help you become more aware of your body and mind.

By tuning into your energy, monitoring your emotions, opening your heart and learning to listen to your body… you will notice how daily efforts of healthy, positive exercises can totally open and enhance your life!  Improving your thoughts are a key component of living a healthy, happy & balanced life!  We will focus on developing a stronger sense of courage, strength and confidence in all areas of your life, so within time… you will notice all the daily efforts compound into bigger and bigger fabulous results!!

Are you ready to watch your body, mind and life transform before you eyes?!


What are the benefits of attending a retreat with Melissa?

You will find attending a retreat fulfilling and rejuvenating in many aspects! Not only being surrounded by a group of like minded people, but connecting with people who are searching for more!  People are searching for that deeper knowing deep within their souls.  By being among a group of special beings, you will gain a sense of love and community that can help you become stronger, more confident and happier! You never know who you can meet or how someone that crosses your path can change your life!

By attending a retreat with Melissa, you will be able to grasp a deeper meaning on life in general, the functioning of your body, mind and soul as a whole, and the connection you have with the entire universe.  People, animals, places, plants and all beings play an important part in our lives… it is important to understand how the energy around you also has an effect on you and your life.

First, learning to tune into yourself & how you function, will allow you to heal many blockages in your life.  Your perspective will broaden and you may find yourself at peace more often than you are used to!

Melissa’s experience as a massage therapist, yoga instructor and healer, will provide you with knowledge about eliminating pain and tension in the body, ways to deal with balancing your emotions, how you can realign your body-mind to heal itself more efficiently and make progress with your goals and desires!

You will learn how you can listen to your body and reduce mental stress, any depression or anxiety that could possibly effect you at any time and how you don’t have to let fear or worry get the best of you!

Learn, practice and give yourself that time to change for the better!


What does the daily schedule consist of?

The daily schedule will be set up somewhat similar to this:

-Wake up 7:00 am

-Yoga/Meditation – 8am-9:30am


-Morning Healing Lesson


-Beach time- personal time- reading time

-evening Exercise or Yoga/Meditation


-Deeper Self Reflection exercises

*Each day will consist of a different Healing Lesson, as well as different meditation practices, yoga postures for different purposes and an excursion 1 of the days

* Hike to waterfall in town

*Personal healing sessions with Melissa available during Free Time


Do I need to have practiced yoga before?

It is not required that you have practiced yoga at all before.  You are here to learn and experience how great you can feel by easing into a healing & restoring week of yoga & wellness.  The point is to tune into your body and listen to where the aches and pains are and do your best at exactly where you are physically and mentally.

It is all about enjoying the journey!

There is no wrong time to begin that journey into self improvement and developing into the best you can become.

Dive into new discoveries, leave sight of your familiar shore and give yourself the gift of self love & nourishment!


What if I register late, can I still attend the retreat on short notice?

If you happen to find this page a little late… no worries!!  Contact Melissa directly at learntounwind@gmail.com to register or give a call or text at +52 322 278 6086!!


What is all included and excluded?

Visit Unwind With Melissa for what is Included and Excluded in your retreat package!!


Leave a comment below with your email for more information OR you can register directly HERE!

Hold your spot TODAY!

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