The Benefits of Massage Therapy with Depression & Anxiety

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

with Depression & Anxiety


There are many conditions that can benefit from the assistance of massage therapy.

Massage therapy releases endorphins throughout the body, which relaxes the nervous system!

By helping the body relax, the mind has time to quiet down which then reduces the amount of tension held in the body.  Not only increasing circulation and reducing stress and tension, but you also release areas where the body stores old emotions etc, and it is great to assist in the processing of emotions and mental stress.

Trying to incorporate many different ways of relaxation and healing into your life, is a great way to find what works and doesnt work for you, along with prolonging the benefits with consistency and dedication!

From RMT Matter Magazine, Pamela Fitch , RMT, says “Massage therapy reduces muscle tension in the body, and that, in turn, affects mood and sleep. If people aren’t falling asleep because they are too wound up, massage therapy turns down the volume of stimulus in the body and calms, like a caregiver rocks a baby.  It calms and allows the patient to let go.  It reduces tension and allows the body to slip into sleep.”

“People are having a harder time recognizing and valuing what massage therapy can do for general mood and a persons capacity to feel better.  Improving someone’s sleep helps them feel less anxious. Sometimes, the mood benefit isn’t perceived to be as valuable as the orthopedic benefit,” says Fitch.

Dr. Price, PhD, says “With chronic pain, trauma and stress, a common and sometimes helpful coping mechanism can be to avoid body sensations.  Body sensations include physical sensations and emotional sensations.  So, for some of our patients, people may come to bodywork hoping to feel more- to have a greater sense of awareness or connection to self.”

She says, “Once people learn how to pay more attention to their bodies, this facilitates their ability to take care of themselves.  They can learn a new set of tools to address mental and physical health symptoms that impede their sense of well-being.”

Dr Price is “continually amazed at how much this kind of work helps people feel more alive and in control of how to manage stressors in life.  It seems so simple- increasing awareness of the somatic experience, but its something most don’t know how to do.  They’re taught to distrust or avoid, and those patterns are well-developed.  When you undo the patterns, you see people feel a sense of increased integration and a capacity to feel whole.”

So if you are seeking out more ways to be in touch with your body, gain more body awareness and learn about the connection with your mind and body…

… you are in the right place!!

A journey into the self… a journey that is continuous,

…but once you dabble into this awareness you become your own master! Healing and living a healthy, happy life is up to you!



TRY THESE TOOLS to help relieve anxiety & feelings of depression throughout your day:

1.  PRESS ON THE BOTTOM OF YOUR BIG TOES FOR 3 minutes to stimulate the reflexes
2.  Take 5 DEEP INHALES & EXHALE extremely slow
3.  Drink 1 LARGE glass of WATER every hour or two atleast! 😀

Have a great week and remember… DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!

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