Do You Listen to Your Heart?

Our heart’s know best… it is like a wordless language!

The heart is the reason there is a sense of connection to the universe and provides us with awareness in the world and nature.  In chinese medicine, the heart houses the mind and can is therefore known as the center of perception.  In western physiology, the heart is thought of as a pump. Just an organ…

…but there is research that shows the heart’s electrical activity helps to govern brain function and that it produces hormones responsible for our brain activity. There is also evidence that people who have had heart transplants, their personality has changed which is understandable in relation to how the heart supervises the brain.

The heart generates joy and sadness, if depression is experienced it is a sign of weakness in the heart and it’s ability to generate joy!

When our hearts are healthy and open, they neutralize negative energy surrounding us in our environment and can provide us with the protection we need.  The heart is also responsible for maintaining balance between the upper and lower chakras.  When they heart is balanced, the mind and body are at peace and harmonized.


Mainly our heart is responsible for truth!th (1)

When we feel connected to the universe, our hearts are open this allow us to have the ability to accept ourselves fully.  We accept others fully and have respect for our self and others.   When we are completely honest and in balance with ourselves… it makes it easier to give love to others and fully live in the moment.

Living in the moment can sometimes be forgotten in our busy lives.  Busy-ness is almost a “glorification” now a days… as if things were important… they would definitely be put on the priority list.  Our brains are so full of thoughts, words, voices, to do lists… that don’t allow us to live in the moment.

If you are feeling anxious or depressed, that feeling of the unknown and uncertainty creeps up on you… pay attention to how you feel.  Our hearts and the feelings generated throughout our body will tell you the truth.  It can be difficult at times to listen to our hearts fully… but once you do… you will catch yourself living moment to moment more often…

… and you know what?! You will fully enjoy it.  You will start to become more aware of the times you are stressed out and need to take that quiet time.  Take time to quiet the mind, to be still.

By being still… and allowing the mind and body to connect on a deeper level, connecting you to the nature and environment around you…

… this is where you will find your truth! That inner voice— that wordless language of the heart will become more apparent and noticeable when you are looking to make decisions or figure out how you feel in situations!

Be still. Be quiet. Tune in. Explore your inner world and discover your true self!!


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