Bringing You Back to the Wild 

It is becoming more and more common, people being pulled onto their spiritual path. That desire for wanting to know more and figure yourself out.  To know your boundaries, your purpose, to feel connected, not only with yourself but others and the world around you.

The more you know yourself, the more you will draw in opportunities you deserve.  Always be open to the endless possibilities the universe has to offer you!

Here is where you will learn tools, stories, others experiences in how to let go of the old, gain clarity and wisdom to develop your intuition. You will learn courage, detachment, freedom and that it’s ok to be your true self.

Here we will hold space for the women who gather in the, to listen. Without judgement or the intent to reply, but to allow them to share.

Are You Ready to Explore the Possibilities?!

Are you open to learning more ways to recognize and open up your intuition?

Have you been noticing synchronicities and coincidences in your life more often?

Do you need more clarity in your life and want a plan to help manifest your dreams into reality?

Have you been wanting to make more time for meditation or try it for the first time?

Do you enjoy having deeper, more meaningful conversations?

Do you love connecting with others? Are you searching for your tribe?

Do you feel a pull towards learning more about natural health for yourself & your family?

Are you ready to be fully you, fully confident, fully empowered, fully happy?

Wild Women’s Gatherings

Bringing women together in a space to connect, create and be themselves! Taking you back to your wild side. Tapping into your intuition, your instincts and bringing you back to what you already know and reclaim what is yours!

We will discuss the book “Women Who Run With the Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. The profound wisdom and insights in this book about the feminine cycles and our strengths can teach us alot about ourselves.  The courage to let go, strive for what we want and to be free! Free of ego, free of anxiety, free of expectations! The freedom to be who  you were brought here to be.


What would an evening at a gathering look like?


…there will be Wine, snacks , tea & coffee! Who doesn’t love wine & snacks?

*Beginning with an opening meditation

*Reflection questions & Discussion

*Surprise Activity (Each month will be different)

*Discussion of the book

*Closing meditation

Nights of deep exploration, breaking open our hearts to invite more into our lives, share stories, get creative, dance and just be wild women!



Empowered Women Empower Women

This is a place to connect with yourself on another level. A space we are all holding for each other to be able to be ourselves free of judgment, free of fears, jealousy, anxiety or depression.

Its time to lift each other up.  It is the time to lift yourself up and step into your highest self. 

Dates We Gather

In Person

Tuesdays- 7:30pm-9:30pm

(Located at the Yorkton Public Library, Side entrance)


Mondays- 8:00-9:30pm

(This will be held online, link to be provided)

February 21st/2017

March 21st/2017

April 18th/2017

May 16th/2017

June 20th/2017

July 18th/2017

August 15th/2017

September 19th/2017

February 20th/2017

March 20th/2017

April 17th/2017

May 15th/2017

June 19th/2017

July 17th/2017

August 14th/2017

September 18th/2017

Remember>>> You don’t need to be religious or spiritual, you don’t need to believe in psychics or witches to be able to partake in a “gathering”.

Whatever you imagine these gatherings will be like… would you be willing to let that go so you can enjoy them with an open mind?

What is included?

Gatherings for Every Woman!

In person and online gatherings for women to collaborate together, dive deeper into the book, “Women Who Run With the Wolves” & discuss more about female energy, patterns, instincts & cycles in life.  We are coming together to learn, to support each other without judgement, fears or insecurities.  A space to hold gently for each other, knowing we are all alike.  Our emotions, experiences can be shared in these sacred circles with respect.

An 8 Month Journey

This will be an 8 month journey, gathering once a month to discuss the book “Women Who Run With the Wolves” as well as other stories, questions we will reflect on, art and other activities to enhance the fire inside of you! Each month I have a new activity planned. Plus there will be some extra fun stuff during the weeks in between our gatherings.

Self Reflection- Reclaiming What’s Yours

Each week in between our monthly gatherings, you will receive content & emails to be able to utilize as practice, insight and reflection. Along with reading the book & some simple art/drawings each month to help release stored emotions & blockages.

(Kindly understand you are not required to read the book, however it will be a part of our discussions for a portion of the gatherings.)

Create Connections

You will have the opportunity to gather with like minded women, empower each other, create deeper connections and surround yourself with women just the same as you!  Learn more about the women in your community, there are many things we all go through as individuals…but there’s something powerful about gathering together as a positive, female force to release the old and make way for the new blessings & opportunities!

Fun, Healing, Art

You will have the chance to write, create and practice your art skills! Simple & fun!

Each month there will be a different picture to draw, all in purpose of building up to our last gathering! There will be deeper meaning and reason to how & why we progress through our months.  At the end of the work, we will look back on our experiences throughout and share them at our last harvest celebration gathering!  It will be time to reap what we sow! 😉

Music, Meditations & Movement

Throughout the 8 months, you will be guided with meditations, music, activities to change your habits. There will be many tools you can use in your daily routine. We will release blocked emotions with laughter, movement and energy! Sometimes you really do just need to feel the music and let loose! Our emotions, fears, frustrations etc are stored in all different areas of our body/mind. It takes a combination of things to get ourselves back into balance.

Why I started these Wild Womens Gatherings

I’ve gathered so many tools over the years of study with the body & mind connection, yoga, healing, massage therapy & more.  These experiences provided me with so many key lessons and elements throughout my life… that looking back on the journey has allowed me to use my creativity and calling to help you understand your fullest potential. Sharing insight & wisdom, so you can experience the aliveness that we be.

I feel it has come a time for us to all collaborate together for the greater whole. To create a greater, more powerful and connected community. To awaken ourselves,  to empower other women to be themselves, take action, live their dreams, let go of the bitter sweet obligations, busyness and no time for themselves mind sets.

It is time to experience and practice simple, ancient healing tools… using your minds! Your emotions… and simply learn how to utilize what already belongs to you! You might just need a lil nudge.

My desire is to watch you transform in ways you may never knew were possible… experiencing an enlightened, ah-ha moment(s) and not being able to function from the same mind and reactive patterns as you once did.

I choose to share many things I found helpful & what has worked for myself and other clients. The tool that helped to me tune into my vibrations, my thoughts and how my life is a complete reflection of my past thoughts.

Now, remembering to only choose and sit with what works best for you, from anything I share with you. It is something creative I am putting together, however it may differ from person to person, what resonates with them,  depending on their connection with the information.

This will be a time of responsibility, shifting out of our comfort zones into more awareness, more light and more balance!

What if by saying YES more often… will lead you to places you could’ve never imagined?!

Any questions?

What if I can't make all the gatherings?

It is completely ok if you can’t make them all. You can still follow along with the book and the extra weekly content at your own pace.  If you want to drop in, that is also an option for 29.00. The entire 8 months will cost you 203.00, which includes 1 month free!

What if I don't want to read the book?

Reading the book is not mandatory. You are still welcome to participate and listen in the discussions, as there will be questions shared throughout the gatherings that are also not directly related to the book.  However, the book is so brilliant that you may gain something so different than you expected. The choice is up to you.

What if I feel uncomfortable sharing anything personal during the gatherings?

These gatherings are a completely safe space. You don’t ever need to feel that you have to share anything. You can come and listen, enjoy the meditations, and whatever you need to learn and gather from our fellow women and the conversations… you will learn.

Where do I get the book?

You can get the book at Cole’s bookstore in Yorkton, if they have enough on supply. 🙂 Also there is a link below, on this page you can order the book off of Amazon for 10.00.

Why are there online gatherings too?

There are online gatherings as well, for those of you who live away and cannot make it to the in person gatherings. You will be able to catch up on the recordings of the gatherings even if you miss out on one. If you miss an in person gathering, you are also welcome to join the ones online. All at no extra charge.

How do I know if these gatherings are for me?

If you are not sure exactly what is going on during the gatherings, you can join us for the first one and then allow that to decide for you, if you want to continue on. Sometimes our mind creates scenarios, which makes us decide to choose or not choose something new.  What if you could let go of all the thoughts you are creating around what these gatherings will be like, and be open to allowing the new?

What if Im not spiritual or haven't tried meditation before?

You don’t have to have a spiritual practice or even have learned anything about spirituality, meditation, cleansing, chakras etc.  It is all about just going with the flow and doing things differently, or being open to trying new things will allow you to decide if it is something for you or not. These tools have been around for centuries, and it is very interesting to learn how to tap into your feminine power and tools to live your best life. Confident, strong and healthy!!

Payment Options to Enroll

Drop In

$ 29

Per MonthThis option will be best if you aren’t interested in following along with the weekly guidance and insightful tools. If you just want to drop in to some of the Gatherings, but you cannot make them all. You won’t receive extra content with this package, however you will be provided with tools for the activities we do in the sessions you are at!

(Please contact Melissa for Drop In)

1 Payment

$ 203

8 Months/ Includes 1 month FREE

 Best value! You can pay for the entire 8 sessions and receive 1 month FREE on ME! This choice includes content and emails to keep you progressing through your 8 months. Content will be stored in the members area so you can go back and work at it at your own pace!

2 Payments

$ 108

1st Month/2nd Month

This will give you the option to pay for your first 4 months now, and then make your second payment for the 2nd half  in 1 month from now. You save 13.00!

 This choice includes content and emails to keep you progressing through your 8 months. Content will be stored in the members area so you can go back and work at it at your own pace!